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Asbestos Inspections
& Mold Air Testing 

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Services Offered


Home Inspection

A home inspection is the best way to ensure a sound investment when buying a new home. The benefits for the seller are equally as important, as it can create a smooth transition for all parties during and after the move.

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Radon Testing & Mitigation

Radon can cause health issues when one's exposed to high levels for an extended period of time. Testing is the only way to know if your house has unsafe levels. If results show high levels, the next step is mitigation, which should only be done safely and properly with the help of a certified professional.


Sewer Line Inspection

A sewer line inspection will show you the current state of a home's sewer pipes and help you make informed decisions during the buying/selling process. It can also inform you of any health risks or structural damage.

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Asbestos Testing

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fiber that was once commonly used in home construction materials. When these materials deteriorate or are disturbed, asbestos fibers can be released into the air and inhaled. By testing for asbestos, you can identify its presence and take appropriate measures to mitigate the risk of exposure.


Termite Inspection

When it comes to structural damage, termites are one of the worst pests homeowners can have. Termites and other wood-eating insects burrow into the walls and structures of houses and cause damage to the system of support.


Mold Air Testing

Breathing in mold spores can have adverse health effects on humans and pets, especially for those with respiratory conditions, allergies, or weakened immune systems.

Testing the air for mold can help identify the presence of mold spores and locate them in your home, even when you can't actually see it.

Inspiring confidence in every home buyer.

Home inspections, sewer line inspections, radon testing and mitigation, and termite inspections are vital steps in making a home purchase, which is one of your most important and memorable investments. I strive to give each client the facts in order to make an educated and confident decision.


Aside from being a licensed and insured contractor with the most current training and certifications – I also promise to provide a quality experience that includes clear communication throughout the process.


From Our Clients

“Steve is very accommodating to my customers and clients. He is thorough and knowledgeable in what he does. Honesty is the best approach to helping people understand all the components of their home. At the end, clients receive a well-written handbook to their home.”


- Christa Helma | Owner/Broker | Priority Real Estate & Development, LLC

Certified & Trustworthy. 

Steve’s radon certification involves 60 hours of education through the Center for Environmental Training Institute, as well as in-field exercises and mentorship with other certified radon mitigation businesses. While this education, training and certification is not required in South Dakota, Steve felt it important to have the right knowledge for this field of work. 

Steve's certifications and memberships include:

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