Taking the Key


Information for Agents


As a registered and certified home inspector and radon mitigation specialist with over twenty years of experience in the housing industry, my goal is to understand both your needs and your client's needs.


I strive to provide home owners and realtors with the facts they need to make knowledgeable and informed decisions. When we’re on the same page, focused on serving the client, everyone benefits.

Why work with Steve?


I'll ease your client's mind by helping them understand that the report is to inform them, not to scare them.

Through clear communication, they will understand when something is a big problem and when it isn't.


You will walk away with an entirely thorough and accurate inspection you can trust.


All things said verbally during the inspection will be reflected in the written report.


The inspection will take place in a timely manner.


 The clean, professional, typed up report will also be delivered in a timely manner.