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Line Inspection

Why is it important?


Sewer lines are just as much, if not more, expensive than a new roof or a foundation repair. They live "out of sight, out of mind" until costly issues arise. They can also cause serious health issues if unaddressed.


Getting a sewer line inspection will show you the current state of a home's sewer pipes and help you make an informed decision, whether for investing in a property or evaluating the health risks in your home.

What could be wrong with the sewer lines?

Many factors play into the health of sewer lines, including the age of the home, the pipe material, and what's passing through those lines. Root growth, ground settling and shifting, and poor installation are also factors. Some of the common issues found in the Yankton, South Dakota area include:






Root Intrusion

Joint Separations

Standing Water from Sagging

Why should I add this service?

Sewer line inspections typically aren't included in a standard home inspection, but are just as important. It will give you insight to a part of your home that otherwise goes unseen. You'll have knowledge to remedy any current issues or get ahead of potential risks before they get worse over time.


This additional service is easily done at the same time as a home inspection. Scheduling them together saves time and hassle of having to worry about it! 

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Health Risks

Raw sewage can back up into a home when sewer lines are damaged or blocked. This water contains a variety of biological hazards that can cause intestinal, lung, and other infections that can get even worse if the issue goes unnoticed.


 The added moisture can also create a rich growing environment for mold. 

Why hire Steve?

Since sewer lines can cause both health and structural issues, it's important that homeowners and buyers be proactive by having these inspected by a professional. Steve is a Certified Sewer Scope Specialist in the Yankton area who has been trained and certified through Internachi, the world's largest home inspector association.

Steve has the latest equipment to fully inspect your sewer lines. He will provide both a video recording and written report that you can share with a plumbing company for further review. 

Based out of Yankton, South Dakota, Total Home Inspection provides services in and around a 100-mile radius of Yankton. This includes South Dakota, Nebraska, and parts of Iowa.​

How does it work?

Step 1:

Steve will perform an inspection of the sewer line in order to evaluate its condition and to identify
areas of concern that may need further evaluation, immediate repair, or clearing of debris.

He will insert a camera device or scope into the sewer line and will record the condition of the line.


Step 2:

Steve will prepare a written sewer line inspection report based on the visual observations and
the data collected from the inspection camera equipment. The sewer scope inspection report will contain a summary of observations and unbiased opinions based on the experience of the inspector. You will also be provided with a link to view the full color video recording.

Step 3:

Use this report and video to consult with a plumbing company on next steps for repair or replacement if need be. 

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